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The Best Iranian Dry Dates |  are considered dried dates with moisture under 12% .

Zahedi Dates or (Zahidi Dates)  are considered dried dates with moisture under 12%. This Dates is mostly grown in Southern Provinces of Iran, mostly in Posht-e Kuh, Hormozgan and Bushehr Province.

Zahedi dates are medium-sized and oval in shape. They have light brown skin and a thick, golden inner meat that encloses a single seed.

Iranian Zahedi dates are thick, medium, oval dates, about 3.5cm in size. Iranian Zahedi dates have a distinctive appearance; they are hard, shiny and dried up, sometimes their skins sticks to the flesh and sometimes, based on weather (heat, humidity), the fruit skin will separate from the fleshy part. They range from yellow to light brown in colour depending on ripeness. With a moisture content of less than 14%, lower than that of other varieties, they are considered a dried fruit.